Grade 7/8 Sculpture Option

Here is our tentative project list with inspiration photos to give you an idea of what we have planned. We are looking at doing an in-class field trip with Clay for Kids which will include a clay and fired project. If possible this will be planned for the end of November as our final project.

Click on the highlighted link to view inspiration ideas.

  • carving tools, glue guns, and cups provided

Sept. 14 - Paper Sculpture
  • paper provided
  • bring scissors
  • if you have paper scraps, origami, old scrapbook paper, strips, anything please bring it

Sept. 21 - Pinch Pots
  • Madame has a plan for homemade model magic, if you can help make a batch I will send an email with the recipe

Sept. 28 - Painting Pinch Pots
  • we have paints, brushes, and clear sealing spray

Oct. 12 - Continuous Line Wire Sculptures

  • paper and pens for continuous line drawings provided
  • wire provided, if you have access to thin gauge wire let me know, we’d love to have it!

Oct. 19 - Stepping Stones
  • concrete, moulds, stones, beads provided
  • if you find cool stones, charms, gems, any bits and pieces that you think would be cool embedded in your stepping stone start a collection now in a ziplock bag
  • Madame has some cool stuff but feel free to add your own inspiration

Oct. 26 - Found Robots
  • I have lots of soup cans, lids, small pet food cans, screws, washers, copper wire, buttons
  • things that would be great to have students add & collect are old paintbrushes, tins like altoids tins or dry mustard tins, keys (we would love some discarded metal keys)

Nov. 2, 9, 16 - Independent Projects
  • or finish up class or go back and 
  • try something again that you really liked
  • may also be a make-up class in case of field trips, assemblies or special day interruptions

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